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Volume 13   Issue 1   Year 2018
Review Articles
Application of M-Matrices for the Study of Mathematical Models of Living Systems
Nikolay V. Pertsev, Boris Yu. Pichugin, Anna N. Pichugina
Mathematical Modeling
Trapping and transport of charges in DNA by mobile discrete breathers
Chetverikov A.P., Sergeev K.S., Lakhno V.D.
Phase Multistability of Dynamics Modes of the Ricker Model with Periodic Malthusian Parameter
Konstantin V. Shlufman, Galina P. Neverova, Efim Ya. Frisman
Investigation of Rhodopsin Chromophore Photoisomerization Based on the Quantum-Classical Model
Shigaev A.S., Feldman T.B., Nadtochenko V.A., Ostrovsky M.A., Lakhno V.D.
Influence of Harvest on the Dynamics of Populations with Age and Sex Structures
Oksana L. Revutskaya, Galina P. Neverova, Efim Ya. Frisman
Structured RNA Markers for Genotyping of Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus
Vladimir D. Gusev, Liubov A. Miroshnichenko, Tatiana N. Titkova, Yuri P. Dzhioev, Irina V. Kozlova, A.I. Paramonov
New Procedure of Raw Illumina MiSeq Data Filtering For the Amplicon Metagenomic Libraries
Bukin Yu.S., Buzoleva L.S., Golozubova Y.S., Galachyants Yu.P.
Molecular Modeling Of Novel Non-Steroidal Aromatase Inhibitors Containing 1,2,4-Triazole
Andrianov A.M., Nikolaev G.I., Kashyn I.A., Kornoushenko Y.V., Usanov S.A.
Data mining
Information and Computer Technologies in Biology and Medicine


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