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Instructions for Authors

"Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics" is online peer-review scholar journal in the field of applying the techniques of computer science, applied mathematics, statistics and engineering to solving biological problems.  Its main topics are:
- Bioinformatics, which applies algorithms and statistical techniques to the interpretation, classification and understanding of huge biological datasets. 
- Mathematical biology, which aims at the mathematical representation, treatment and modeling of biological processes, using a variety of applied mathematical techniques and tools. 
- Computational genomics, which studies the genomes of cells and organisms. 
- Molecular modeling, which consists of modeling the behavior of molecules of biological importance. 
- Biomolecular structure prediction and structural genomics. 
- Computational biochemistry and biophysics, which make extensive use of structural modeling and simulation methods such as molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo method-inspired Boltzmann sampling methods in an attempt to elucidate the kinetics and thermodynamics of protein functions. 

All articles undergo peer review procedure. Upon receipt of the manuscript responsible editorial staff consider the   compliance with the formal requirements   and subject matter of the journal. Manuscript that successfully pass the primary control,  will be sent to reviewers for evaluation of its scientific merit. Reviewers are chosen for their competence in the field of research, presented in the manuscript. They may be offered by authors, editors, and other reviewers. After the end of the peer-reviewing the  manuscript  is considered by the editorial council. Articles that are not approved by the editorial council, will not be accepted for publication.

The manuscripts are accepted either in Russian or in English. The editorship do not treat the manuscripts that are not drawn up according to Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics rules.The editors reserve the right not to explain the reasons for rejection of article. They do not support discussion with authors regarding manuscript compliance with journal requirements. 

We have launched an electronic submission and  tracking system in test mode. To use it, you need to register as a corresponding author. If you encounter problems while using it please inform us about them by email with the subject "Electronic submission error". If you have  insurmountable problems using this system, we  accept manuscripts by email.

Article Drawing up Requirements

The Journal admits for publishing manuscripts in MS WinWord.  The Word-article template can be dounloaded here
Papers prepared using LATEX are accepted too. In this case the paper should be prepared using the style-file mbb.sty. The example of the article is contained in paper_template.pdf.  Article template is in the file paper_template.tex.   All  files needed for preparing properly the manuscript  can be downloaded  from here.

The pdf-file should be attached to the submitted manuscript to be sent to reviewers. 

Additional information, which is supplementary to the main article content (big tables, diagrams, photos, figures, program scripts, presentations etc.), if needed, can be submitted in separate files.

Formulae are to be typed using MathType Equation tool only.



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